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I'm an idiot
  aCa_, Jan 22 2014

So today I'm playing live 1/2, and to summarize I'm in a pot vs villan when he leads out for something like 12 in something like 120+ pot when I only had like 25 behind on the river where I binked the nuts. So obviously I go all in, but when I pushed my stack in the middle I kind of dragged my smaller stack behind my bigger stack so even though I pushed with one motion one could argue that it was kind of a string bet and I instantly regretted being lazy with that.

Anyways villan argued that it was a string bet since both stacks didn't cross the betting line at same time, but the dealer said that it was ok since she said it was one motion, but the guy still argued and started to ask for floor. So the dealer asked me if it was a big deal, and since I didn't want the hassle of getting a floor over and since I thought it was my fault for being lazy I just said it was fine and took my bet back from a shove to a call.

Then for some reason, in my head I thought he had folded before showing his hand, and was only showing what he folded and I threw my hand into the muck since before I realized that I just threw away the winning hand. That moment when you realize you just went full retard -_-. Anyways I just looked at the table at utter disbelief at what I just did, and didn't even bother trying to get my cards back because I knew once it hit the muck it was dead anyways. When the guy asked me what I had, I told him I had the nuts and probably from the way I reacted he believed me because he gave me $10 , after instantly leaving after the hand. Not really sure if he planned to hit n run, or if he felt bad and didn't want to play anymore but I didn't even care because it was my fault.

Anyways to cheer myself up I went to the food court downstairs to get myself a smoothie and while in line some random black dude taps me on the back walking by and says "it will be alright" so I must have looked heartbroken lol. I guess a lot of live players have done this before since the players next to me all said that they have done it and just said forget about it any keep playing, but it being my first time made me so angry and frustrated with myself I found it impossible to do so and I just got up and left from being so tilted. ughh

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Anyone need dota 2 invite?
  aCa_, Nov 07 2012

I got 3 invites right currently and don't really need them. If you want one just post your steam id and I'll send one over.

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Good tv shows?
  aCa_, Jun 16 2012

Haven't really followed any tv shows lately and looking to start a couple series.

some tv shows that I liked off the top of my head are weeds, spartacus, breaking bad, misfits, lost, heroes etc. Pretty much mainstream stuff but I am really out of the loop with whats good now since I haven't watched tv in like a year so help me out lp.

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